Scam report about Viktoriya 

First name:  Viktoriya
Age:  26
Location:  Russia Ivanovo
On websites:,
Report:  She is a long term scammer whose letters are almost exact replicas of some others I've seen running this scam. I sniffed her out before she actually asked for money directly but she was hinting at it. 1st Letter, Hello my new friend. How at you an affair??? I am glad, that you have written to me. It is very pleasant, that you have not left my message without the answer. I hope, that in the future you we become good friends. Tell to me, what is your name? In what country you live? And in what city? At me children are not present, was not married, but I want to find only thing the man, to create happy family and to give birth to children. 2nd letter, Hello Jeff. How at you an affair??? My name is Viktoriya, I live in Russia, city Ivanovo. To me of 26 years, I was born on November, 2, 1982, my growth of 170 centimeters, weight 58 kg, At me light hair, eyes grey. I work in shop as the seller. Very much to like me my work. Tell about itself? In the free time I like to read books, to prepare to eat, look love serials. At me children are not present, was not married, but I want to find only thing the man, to create happy family and to give birth to children. Tell about the work where you work, I am interesting to you? Tell to me, you are lonely? Whether there are children? Whence you can use the Internet? I shall be glad, if you will send me the photos. I shall wait from you for the message. Viktoriya. 3rd letter, Hello Jeff. How are you? I am very pleased to receive the letter from you today. I am very pleased that you still have desire to write to me. It is very good, that you were confused that with me from Russia. Your country seems to me interesting and completely differs from our country. The USA is on other half of our planet. I do not know an exact difference in time, but it seems to me that about 8 hours. We live far the friend the friend... It - very big distance for both of us. But it The distance only seems big. It at all does not frighten me. It seems to me Especially interesting. Unless you do not think so? I read in the newspaper (the truth it was for a long time) that in other advanced countries (Europe and Northern America) meet situations, that women are more careless (not so are serious) than men. Whether it is valid truly? My structure on a site spoke, that I from the USA, TN. The matter is that I not so understand in PC. To me the manager the Internet of cafe has helped to be dated on a site. I use services the Internet of cafe of that in my house was not present own PC. I was never married also I want to marry. That I search in the man, most of all is a friendship. I do not like to argue, altercate in various cases. I want to meet such person who wants to have entertainment. But he should understand that the life is not entertainment. I need in someone who is fair, careful... As warm and sexual. As I believe that between people there should be a good reference. I want to have the friend who will be more later (if all will be correct), than the friend. The most important parts of relations - love, trust and communication. And you as think? Certainly you can have such question

Status of report:  is still without proof

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