First name: Summer
Last name: Aguilar
Aka: Summer Torres
Age: 28
Location: Orlando, FLorida
Phone: 15627149724
On websites: Craigslist
Report:     Summer Aquilar and Rene Torres rented the house in Orlando, Florida claiming all kinds of hardship. Wanting to help them out, we rented our lakefront home on their promise to pay rent due on time. Later they claimed that wanted to buy the house in cash funded by their grandpa Warren Jack Hill. They refused to give us any of their contact info besides her pre paid telephone no. 15627149724 Summer Torres and Rene torres led us on to believe they were legit and gave all kinds of excuse but did not pay the rent due. Later we found out they scammed another guy on sale of their car. There are more people coming out to claim that they have been scammed as well by these two. They are being evicted from my residence. WHile they stayed for two weeks, they sold lots of furniture from the house and cause significant damage to the property. Summer is 5'3
Status of report: is still without proof