First name: Mary
Last name: Douglas
Age: 37
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report:     I would like to warn other innocent people before they get scammed by a woman named Mary Douglas, Her email is .She sent a message to my work account, claiming to have had me wink at her on I emailed her back, only to get a response from her stating that she had left for Nigeria and requesting that I contact her via her yahoo email from then on. Unfortunately, I have lost the email address she originally used to contact me, however the email addresses I have listed above at yahoo is her current active email. When I got in contact with her over the yahoo, she was very friendly and quite articulate, even though she did have a tendency to use poor grammar and had poor spelling habits. I'm not the best speller either, so I thought this might just be an American with bad spelling habits.She was quite friendly and FORWARD! She started referring to me as her husband, making statements like 'We were destiny to be together'. Like I said, she used poor grammar in all of our correspondence. I started to question whether she was really American because in our conversations she would often use unusual phrases like the one above. She explained that she was over in Nigeria buying antiques, to sell in America. She sent me pictures of the stuff., and I believed it was all real. It is still very difficult for me to admit I have been taken by this woman. She is very good at what she does. I am an educated man, and I should know better. To make a long story short, when it was time for her to come back to America, she had problem after problem happen. Each problem needed money from me to fix it. I would ask why she couldn't just ask her friends for the money rather than asking a stranger she has never met. But she wouldn't answer my questions. She was good at changing the subject. I'm sorry to say, I fell for the first few scams she pulled on me.
Status of report: is still without proof