SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Ulyana Byharena

First name: Ulyana
Last name: Byharena
Aka: Olga Simonova
Age: 25 years old
Location: Moscow Russia
Address: 11/56 Gargygina street Moscow
Email: &
On websites:
Report:     She said she was from a small town named Slydyanka Oblast home address at moms is Lenina street 22 She said she was comming here on a work visa and spent most of her moms money getting to Mooscow and needed help with her Air line tickets she would pay me back when she got a job in america I sent $990.00 and then she came up with another scamm and is trying to get $800,00 from me for cost of living expenses she said they wont stamp her passport unless she has $1000.00 to walk on the plane with .I found her on a scamm website since and she dont know what I know Please send Me a email address to forward all her letters & pics to I also have western union numbers for the police in Moscow The first email address she used was shut off by western union and the is her new one thank You for Your help
Status of report: is still without proof