Scam report about yana juravleva

First name:  yana
Last name:  juravleva
Age:  28
Location:  ukrania
Phone:  00380951019258
On websites:  hotmail
Report:  This girl started with me since more than 3 months with love stories and nice words and i agree to marry her and she promised me to come to me for marriage , i was sendind for her monthly money for her living and then i sent her money for travel packet as she claimed and this travel packet arranged by travel agency named Aviatour and i confirmed with them and they sent me letters through my yahoo email that every thing ready and yana will be with me as i planned on 12 of april 2009 and before that date on 10 of april she sent me letter through hot mail told me she is on her way comming to me so i must wait for her in the airport in the same time 2210hr, and yesterday i was waiting for her in the airport more than 4 hours but she didnt come and i was shocked and when i back home i was driving fastly and with craziness and i did car accident because really i lost my mind and with that accident my daughter injured because she was with me and now my daughter in hospital ,then this morning she sent me letter told me that they didnt allow her to travel from ukrania kieve airport with out cash money in her hand ,so she need more 1000 us dollars in her hand then they will allow her to travel and they will book her another flight , so i discovered she is lier and scammer ,but after i lost my money and my time and my daughter in hospital , i sent her more than3000us dollars .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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