First name: natali
Age: 24
Email: natashka@myatlantida
On websites: Myfreepassion and Tagged
Report:     myfreepassion id # 78356 / Nata N TAGGED I really don't know, Pictures keep changing. This myatlantida is vicious. Here is a sample of our correspondance. I don't want to give my photo just yet !! Here is one letter : hello Fred(if you let me call you so) Dear friend,your job is not worst,you're need not to clean WC ore cutting dead bodies! And this is life,ok,will finish about it You're very kind,but i need to know about you, Do you like a read,music of your prefer,and many other things,what good friends must to know about each other Did you visit Russia before? If not I can be your personal guide,when you will like to come here:) You are so smart,you know a lot,i feel what need to learning all my life,for be tour friend And hope,if you'll teach me,everything will better I promise to be good student:) And tell me how was your week end? How you spent it? I know what you back home very tired from work, and let me do inspire you to high successes? I'll be your fairy,for you feel powerful and energy! And when you will see through your window on Paris,remember me,OK? Well, I think, that I have to finish this letter and go working,Fred. Its a pity that I don't have as much time for you as I wish. I don't want you to get bore... :) Take care!Natali VERY VICIOUS THIS MYATLANTIDA.COM. BE CAREFUL..
Status of report: is still without proof