Scam report about Maame Paker

First name:  Maame
Last name:  Paker
Aka:  Aminu Ayinla, Laura Barnes
Age:  27
Location:  accra, ghana
Address:  hill street, 14th newtown road, accra ghana 00233
On websites:  Ok Cupid
Report:  I met this girl on OK Cupid, I IMed her on there and we started talking, She told me she was from my city and was coming back. She works in a mining company in Ghana....After talking for a few days, we got to talking and she told me that even though on ok cupid she said she was from my city she was planning on coming home and wanted to be with a guy when she got home. So I bought into it, she was hot! After some more time she said she needed help with the plane ticket so I sent her some money to help wasnt much a few hundred. We continued talking and said she was in love with me and I was the one for her...she was really good and made me believe it....then after a few more days she hit me up with a declaration fee for deportation that she needed to be able to take the flight....It was Ghana regulations....I was convinced and she said she was going to need about 1000 dollars. I didnt think twice about it and I was going to send it when something in my head said I should check it out and I did....Apparently there is a scam in Ghana about these declarations and alot of people got scammed by I brought this up to her and she acted all hurt like I didnt believe her and thats what she needed to come see by chance I came across this website and lo and behold guess who I saw on here....So I confronted it about her and she got all upset saying she was trying to scam me at first but after talking to me she wasnt trying to scam me anymore. she told me when she got to Ghana she didnt have any money and she did nude photos that are on this site and this was making her ashamed....She stuck with the fact that she loved me,....and she was sorry she lied and was going to tell me the truth about everything when she came in but I found out first.....She told me that she is known in Accra as Aminu Ayinla so she could get work out there. Even though she is half black and half white...So I confronted her about the name I saw on here as Maame Paker and she said that is her that point I knew she was full of shit. But like a dumbass I gave her a chance. She told me her real name is Laura Barnes and she really does live in my city. She really wanted to be with me and told me she was crying and would do anything I asked...So she sent me some fake documents of plane reservations she made but when I called the airline of course there were not records of it....even with the confirmation number she gave me....When I asked her about it she kept asking me for the declaration money. I told her I didnt have it and she said she could see what she could do and take care of it herself...She would ask her boss for it...She asked me if I could send anything and I said I'm not sending shit....The next night she found out it would only be 600 dollars and asked me if I could send it.......I laughed and told her and I'm not sending shit and she kept stating that she needs it to come in.....I said forget it I'm done. I told her good luck on the next guy she scams and not to get caught as sarcasm and she said thank you!....I'm glad I only lost She's good and she has a new site on OK Cupid...I already sent them a report on it....

Status of report:  will be added soon

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