Scam report about Margarita Domracheva

First name:  Margarita
Last name:  Domracheva
Aka:  Margo
Age:  23
Location:  City: Cheboksary - Country: Russia
Address:  Address : Street Chehova 24 - apartment 12
Phone:  +89276822378
On websites:
Report:  This Margo she is very good scammer, she was chatting with me for more than 3 months now .. and I am sure she was doing thid scam with other men at the same time .. she want's to come to visit me and she needs the money for the visa and the ticket .. and for a cam and a mobile with a camera ... and for the Internet service ... so she can be on line with me ... I told her I can arrange the visa and the ticket for her by a travel agent and i will pay them by my credit card .. but she gave me so many reasons ... it will not work .. and then she told me .. I paid some money for the Travel Agent in Russia and you need to pay the rest .. and she is asking for US$1000 for the thicket and visa .. and she want me to send her the money cash by western union ... this borning chatting about the money ... it was on and on every day .. and I was tired of it ... she only chat about money now .. i asked he about her passport copy and her information and she sent me her details after a long time .. but i know also her passport copy it's fake .. everything about this women is fake .. and she will not come on line using the cam since she said she don't have it and she don't go to Internet cafe ... I hope one day these scammers women or men will go behind bars since they are creating so much problems in our life ..

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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