Scam report about Aelita 

First name:  Aelita
Age:  28
Location:  Russia,Kazan, Tatarstan Rebublic
On websites:  Russianeuro
Report:  Basically Aelita contacted me through the Russianeuro site and we communicated from 3/14/09 until 5/1/09. I became suspicious of her soon after she began responding to my letters because she did not comment on any of the my letter content or answer questions. She mentioned being a nurse in the local hospital. Her letters were relatively innocent until the last one from her when she mentioned comming to meet me. I had just stumbled onto this website and saw her photos and knew it was her. Unfortunately I hastily mentioned it to her and she never wrote back. I was very naive and now regret mentioning anything about this website. If I knew then what I am learning now I could of continued and learned more about her possible scam and got a money letter. Oh well. I include the last letter I wrote to her about seeing her here and she never responded to it. To say the least she looks like the woman you have posted on this site and other than that is suspicious.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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