Scam report about Lisa keith Mascot

First name:  Lisa keith
Last name:  Mascot
Aka:  Kelly F. Gabrielle/ Kelly Flowers
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Email:  kelly
On websites:  Dating
Report:  Yes, very slick scammer here. This person emails you from information she gets off some dating sites. She sends you a starting letter telling you that she likes your profile and that you are very attractive to her. Then in the next letter, she tells you this really sad story how she was cheated on and then forced to go to Nigeria with her boss, who then trys to rape her and she gets fired. Now she is stuck in Nigeria with no money and no way home. She needs $800.00 for a plane ticket to come and live with you. This one can certainly tell you some stories. When you offer to get her help through the U.S. Embassy there, she turns on you and will break all contact. Possibly due to worries of getting caught. Stay away from this one, she is on every scam list on the internet.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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