Scam report about becky thomas

First name:  becky
Last name:  thomas
Age:  30
Location:  she in california
On websites:  yes
Report:  hears hpw there operating becky thomas gets okew person yhensays she stuck at the airport needs moneybecky getes them to send money thrue westernyounino to nigeria and has these people to pick it you and send it to her this is some names that pick it up in nigeria olayinka olaoluthis is a nother person that picks monty upin nigeris sheryl cole this is a nother one helopng becky in california is debby smith on inter net is debby smith amhonest936 at yahoo i got this cause besky scamed my 2kins they wont report it iwill becky thomsa scamed me to over year ago

Status of report:  is still without proof

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