Scam report about Felicia Benson

First name:  Felicia
Last name:  Benson
Age:  29
Location:  Nigeria Lagos
Address:  27 ojo street lagos state nigeria 23401
Phone:  +2348077566002
On websites:
Report:  The lady asked for me to pay 200 Eur for her to come and see me. Her first mail at From: prime222 Date: 2009-05-05 18:59:14 Reply * prime222 * 29 y/o female * Keller, USA i am a decent..easy going..intelligent. .straight forward minded and God fearing lady.i believe in true anding..respect and been there for each other during the good and bad times.My goals is to have to happy and future together with my man. I did read your profile and i believe we can get to know each other more better and see if we have the same aim and motive together..My name is Felicia and you can get back to me with my private email address and that is f_withluv@hotmail.c om..Take care and hope to read from you soon. Text from our msn conversation: Felicia says: u there how much will it cost me to come over to your place Felicia just sent you a nudge. Matti says: I am here now What city where you living in? Felicia says: am here i live in Lagos for my coming..can wemake this happen together can u give me a try and chance Matti says: Can you clearify exactly what you meen- Felicia says: what i mean is that i have check on the ticket fee as well but i cant afford this Matti says: Well, I believe that you should be able to pay for the flight by yourself. When you are here you can live at my place Felicia says: i understand but i am using my housemanship fee and it is not enough for the flight i need 200euro extra to complete the fee and alsopay for the tax as well Matti says: Well, I have heard about to many scams to do that Felicia says: are u saying that i am after the money the life iwill start there is worth more than 200euro i am not here to hurt or get money from someone..i am here to start a new life and be happy Matti says: No, I say that there is that possiblity and I don't like even the smalest possiblity for that Felicia says: Dear to me i dont believe in that cos if i rip u off with such money..will i not spend it finish and what is my gain nothing to be honest with you..i just want to use this opportunity to come and start a newlife Matti said (21:55): Well it is quite common that men pay this type of money and they never see the woman. Matti said (21:56): Haven?t you heard about that? Felicia says: u there i will even email u the flight info and u use that to come and pick me up at the airport Felicia just sent you a nudge. Felicia says: Dear i have not cos i am not here to hurt any one and i dont have mind to do that as well bad back Dear i have not cos i am not here to hurt any one and i dont have mind to do that as well i believe in my dreams only and all i ask for you is to give me a try and chance and see if i will disappoint or not u there Matti says: I am here For how long do you plan to stay here? Felicia just sent you a nudge. Felicia says: hello Matti says: I am here Felicia says: dont u wanna talk to me anymore cos of what i asked for Matti says: I have been watching hockey Felicia says: dear are u not ready to assist me? Matti says: I got phonecall Felicia says: ok Matti says: I am back Tell me about your plan ? Felicia says: u here Matti says: Yeah, I am waiting for you to tell me your plan Felicia says: plan abt what i already did ..but u think u might help me and then i will not come Matti says: I can not pay for anything until I meet you in person Felicia says: ok Matti says: Will you come to Sweden? Felicia says: Dear i will love to but i dont think i can do this.idont need to lie to u Matti says: Okey Felicia says: ok Matti says: What is your full name, address and phonenumber Felicia says: my nameis Felicia Benson my number is +2348077566002 and my add is 27 ojo street lagos state nigeria 23401 Felicia just sent you a nudge. Felicia says: didu get that??? Matti says: Yeah Felicia says: so u wanna get in touch with me and more also in case u wanna make a transfer for me..use my address but u will have to use my Grandma;s name for that so should i give u her name? Matti says: Yeah, why not Felicia says: ok..her name is Micheal Odunsi she has a driver's licence and i dont have so she can pick up transfer internationally with that okay Matti says: Is the name Michael Odunsi? Felicia says: u there?? Matti says: yeah Felicia says: what are u doing Matti says: Is the name Michael Odunsi? Felicia says: yes grandma's name why did u ask dear Matti says: Well isn't that a mans name? Felicia says: that is her christain name her nigerian name is olajide so her full name is Olajide Michael Odunsi Matti says: Dear, I came across this information about you. Felicia says: this is bullshit i never scam anyone ..i will report this Her name came up here involved in a 419 scam when I googled her name. This is what I found on facebook.

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