Scam report about Elena Lewicheva

First name:  Elena
Last name:  Lewicheva
Aka:  Lena
Age:  25
Location:  ukraine Stachanov
On websites:  city of brides
Report:  she used same posted photo & added few more.. if u want email request for them.. your site very helpful.. hit on her by letter phrase search.. suspect many supposed girls are just translating companies trying to make $. Hi! I need to tell you that you took my attention :) You are like a new book for me and from the first look I wanted to open it and and start reading. I don't know what is waiting for me in future but I hope that it will be a very breathtaking novel :) I'm a very romantic girl,but at the same time I always stay realistic person. So,now you can see my appearance as I sent you some of my photos. I hope you will like them :) And in addition to this they say that I'm a kind,loving caring,passion and clever girl (it was an advertisement of me) :)) I can't tell you what I'm thinking about myself that's why I tell you the words of the people that are close to me. I would like to have a very nice and friendly family,I want to have kids and mutual love with my partner,that's why actually I'm here - to realize it :)And now,while you are reading my letter,I propose you to smile and to fill your day with a small gladness. :) If you think that we have at least a small chance to have something special between us in future - don't restrict yourself and easily send me a letter :) I wish you a good day, Elena from Ukraine Hi Otis! I really hoped that you would answer my letter and you did it :) Thank you very much for it. I think that we have the same intentions here - to find the right person,so it is the first common feature in us :)Well... I need to tell that when I opened your letter the first time I thought that it was spam but later it became more interesting and interesting for me :) And I'm absolutely agree with this fact the dogs are much helpers for us in different stresses then medicines :) and especially kids and family :) thanks a lot for telling me about your life,I think that it is not boring and you are a very interesting person :) Thank you for the photos :)) they are very nice. It is not clear for me now why you are alone :) you have a very nice appearance :) As you know already I'm from Ukraine,Lugansk region. I live in a small town called Stachanov,I don't know if you have ever heard about it. I walk around this big world for already 25 years. :) I have my Birthday on April,27. I'm 170 m high and 55 kg. I'm blondy a bit and have brown eyes :)) Well,my family consists of me,my mother,father and my sister! My sister is older then me and she lives with her husband and two kids. Some years ago I put all my efforts to make an independent life for myself and decided to move from my parents. Now I live alone and rent a flat. I have one dog that my mothers's client left her when she (Lisa)was ill and since that time she lives with me :)I send you the photo of me with Lisa :)And my parents also have some pets at home (my mom is a vet). Actually my family - is everything for me. And my mother is the best in the world,she is my best friend and if I need an advice I always can address to her! She is a very kind and wise! And their alliance with my father - is the best example for me,which I'd like to follow. They have being together for already 30 years :) I send you also the photo with them. I graduated from the Pedagogical University in Lugansk and now I work as a speech therapist for kids!I just adore kids that's why I decided to devote my life to them :)It was my dream since my childhood - to work with kids. I like my profession very much because I always see the smiles on the faces of all these little angels :) I'm very positive person and the first action that I start my day with - it is smiling :)) I hope you liked my photos. Sincerely wait for your answer Lena > Subject: from Lena > > Hi dear Otis! > > I think that I shouldn't tell you that I was very glad to receive your > letter today because you should suppose it :) I was really glad,thanks > a lot :) Dear Otis I need to tell you that you intrigued me when you > told me that you would like to have a dinner with me with Salmon soup > :) I'd like to know what is this? :) I've never heard about it but I > suppose that you are good in cooking it and I will may be have a > chance to taste it :) > > What about me,about my life - everything is very easy here! I think > that I'm not a boring girl (yes,I just paid a compliment to myself > :))) ) I like to spend my time in different ways. Sometimes I like to > stay at home,to prepare something taste and to watch a good movie :) > Yes,I like cooking very much because I feel pleasure in it :) But > another time I like to go out with my friends. We can go to a nice > places,to the cinema,we also like skating - in one word active > rest!And of course like any person I like to listen to the music (I > like different music) and dancing :) > And also all this time I consider my job - as my hobby. I like it > because it is very kind and enjoyable for me! I talk to kids a > lot,developing their speech and helping them,and they say that I'm a > good specialist :)I always can find common language with them and we > always have a mutual understanding! I always prepare different > surprises for them and organize different holidays. My dream of all my > life - is to open a private office of logopaedics. > > One of the things that upsets me very much (may be it is my shortage) > is that I don't know English and I only try to learn it now at home! > and now I'm writing you from the agency where I use the service of > translation,computer and Internet. Mother's friend advised this idea > to me. > > I love sport very much and I am keen on aerobics and swimming to keep > myself in a good shape. But sometimes I do it at home as it became > very expensive to go the gym or pool. I think that we build our life > by ourselves and everything that we have now (bad ands good) - it is a > result of our actions in the past! I want always to enjoy my life,but > I won't get my elation if I have no a reliable partner to share my > life with,who has a dream about family like me,because it is my main > dream in the life now. and I'd like to meet with you one day of course > when we know each other some better because I'm very serious about > you! > > And here are some photos for you :) > I hope you'll like them :) > > Kisses > Lena

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