First name: Yuliya
Last name: Elakova
Age: 35
Location: Nizhniy Novgorod area the city of Lyskovo Street Bitter the house 87 Apt. 128
Address: postal index 606210
On websites: Yahoo Personals
Report:     I have several E-mails from this person Yuliya she says she is a doctor the picture I just saw prior to this page is the person I also have mamy pictures of she and one of her friend Alena. Yuliya claims her parents are Alexandria mother 58 and Grigory 62 I tried to follow the ip-address but had no luck tonight she wanted money to be wired western union Russia Moscow Trade Finance Bank Street Kosmonautor 2a for the Yuliya Elakova Control Number(MTCN) from ten figures. Yuliya told me tonight she had already purchased the train ticket to Russia Moscow and needed 477 dollars wired to this number which I have in an e- mail today which is actually tonight it is 4:10 am friday morning the 15th Yuliya needed my phone number and my home address which she has in an e-mail at this time What is up with For some reason I googled the area and the city found the scam site right off and there is one of her pictures. Correspondence with Yuliya since may 5, 2009 only. she falls in love fast Yuliya is not set up on yahoo personals they get in for free by e-mailing someone. Then they send a contact like this (E)(L)(A)(K)(Y)(U)(L)@(Y)(A)(H)(O)(O)>(C)(O)(M) e-mail with a photo I can not figure out where to submit the photo's and letters
Status of report: is published in main database with photos