Scam report about georgeta iosif

First name:  georgeta
Last name:  iosif
Age:  45
Location:  bucharest,romania
Address:  9a irina stanescu,ferentari,bucuresti
Phone:  0040741206583
Report:  does long term scams over years to men in western europe /america.plays the poor single mother but is really married and is with the guy in a yogi ashram,they are all doing the similar scam on foreign men.they even take it to meetings in romania or will come to you ,if you pay of course heavily.they continue the lies until they have too much to explain then dont contact.very cunning and even threatens suicide if you dont help quickly enough.many gaps in contact while they live their real life in a wierd place in a slum of bucharest with a creep called bivo laru who gets them to strip and massag in a seedy club they run in stirbiu voda ,at the centre.they all have webcams and perform on porno sites of internet to lure more men to there filthy little holes. by the way ,most of bucharest is full of these kind of whores and they all havve pimps lurking in the background and alot of them are so called yogis, just total bastard phaedophiles and perverts using a crude form of hypnotism and brutality to hold these little sluts in their grip.avoid this shithole for all your worth.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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