First name: Marina
Aka: Anastsia
Age: 21
Location: Galich
On websites:
Report:     My tender Darling Casey.... I was not so happy today until I saw your letter in my inbox. You are completely right. You write with so much happiness, it’s impossible not to smile. I’m very fine, I hope you are too. Well, I said a lot about me in my last letters, so I don’t know what to say now. Let me think… I will tell you about... about.. about one legend! (Hope you like it!) Listen: There were these 2 birds that were hatched on opposite sides of a great river. They were never able to fly because they had only 1 wing each, but they had beautiful voices and they sang beautiful songs. When it came time for them to leave the nest, they could only walk. One day when they both were walking on the shore of the great river and singing they heard the others song. For a long time they sang their song for the other. Then one day there was a log floating on the river. Because it was from the giant trees in the west, it was very long and touched both shores. They both jumped on the log and began to run to the other. When they met, their embrace was so tight that they became one and they flew away together....singing. Do you like my story? I wish we could do the same when we meet.. I really think that our love should united.. we need to meet each other and I found the way how we can arrange our meeting... I found travel agency here, in my town, which can organize the trip to another country very quickly. They make visa, foreign passport, buy the tickets and even find a hotel where you can stay abroad. I think it will be a good idea to use the service of this agency. What do you think about it? But unfortunately i have never been out of my country and I don't know how everything should be arranged. Can you help me with all this issues??? Here is their e-mail address Write them and ask them to help us. I hope that next time you will tell me news. Because I want to see you as soon as better... I wish you good day and take care please. I really feel that our future in our hands and soon we will make the most important step... My love and kisses for you, Marina.
Status of report: is still without proof