Scam report about Melissa Sam

First name:  Melissa
Last name:  Sam
Aka:  Bawah Ahudu, or Beth
Age:  24
Location:  Swedru, Ghana
Phone:  233205792882 or 00233205792882
On websites:  Mate1, DateMeMateMe, Yahoo Personals
Report:  This girl comes on fast and keeps up w/her info on you. Tries to do her research and does a decent job. Requests materialistic things at first then moves on to money for credis on cel phone, grocery shopping, hair coloring. Things noticed, some emails & chats are addressed to the wrong person, but she catches them after the fact. Probably goes after divorced men from one of the emails I had read w/an incorrect name in the middle of the email about children and family (probably generic emails where names are typed in and sent). She appears to be loving and caring, states she wants to change, and claims to be American citizen. She made several email address, usually Mellyinlovewith@#$*& or Melly4!@#$$ She keeps you chatting while she chats w/other men, which is where she made her first mistake. As for age she supplied many pics but several didn't look like her age she claims, probably 30 something instead of 24. Once you slack on sending her stuff she clams down on contacting you, probably already located another guy to send her stuff via FEDEX through general delivery. Claims to be poor but from her lame wanna be professional pics you can tell that she isn't. The pics are lame are probably taken by her boyfriend, they are the same quality over the years, you can tell by her face in most of them. Most are not recent but there are a few that may be close to her real age. If she get's your cel # she still calls even though material is not sent. Gives lame sob story of her parents dieing in a car accident and living w/elderly aunt.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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