Scam report about Tatyana Razmyslova

First name:  Tatyana
Last name:  Razmyslova
Age:  32
Location:  Kemerovo, Moscow, Russia
On websites:  myspace
Report:  She met me on myspace and we e-mailed back and forth for awhile. Then she asked me to help her fly to America. I sent her some money then she needed more because her Aunt could not get her ticket for free. So I sent her the money for her ticket. Then she needed a solvency amount to prove she could support herself and I sent her more. then I wated at the airport to meet her with red roses like she asked and she never showed and I never got another e-mail. Here is one of the e-mails: Hi my Robert. My love :( After the reading of your answer the cutting pain started attack on my heart more and more :(( Oh God.. You gave to me such terrible news. Oh my God!!! By the way I want to warn you about most serious thing. My aunt will be going on a vacation to the pensioner's boarding house on May 8th, and I can not stay at her apartment after that day! Oh my God. Where I'll stay here in Moscow after May 8th,???? On a streets? :((( I've checked the moscow hotels and was shocked from the largest prices, it's 250$ and higher for one day to stay at the hotel. Moscow is a very expensive city because it's the capital of Russia. I hate Moscow :((( Oh my God.. My tears can't stop. I am in a trap :((( You do let me down also by your so terrible news :(( And after the reading of your message I was going to check some details to the bank about the taking of the loan. The workers of the bank was angry on me because I've asked at them the same question which I asked before. I implored them to do something, I've explained to them our difficult situation, I told them I am going to USA to my love male, and I can not find the money for the air ticket, I implored them to do something for me, but they said me my story doesn't matter for them, and spoke to me some rude words. I got so biggest humiliation :((( But one worker woman on the exit of the bank has calmed me, and made some speaking with me. She asked at me why the american male who I'll be flying don't help to me with the necessary airfare. I answered to her that my love male don't have the airfare's money. Then she asked at me also why my love male can not to take the loan in the bank to help to me, I answered to her that you have a bad credit, and the american banks can not give to you the loan. She smiled to me, and told me something interesting information. She said that during eight years she works at the bank as the main manager, and she know all politics of the banks including the american banks. She said me if the american citizen have a bad credit, it mean of impossibility of the taking of the loan 5,000$ and higher. But the american bank could give a loan 1,000$(not more) on one or two years to the american citizen who have a bad credit. If the american citizen have a medium credit, the american bank without any problems can give from 1,000$ to 5,000$. She said me also the politics of the american bank is a very different than russian because Russia is a very poor country and economic here is a very bad so the russian banks can give a loans to the businessmen and privileged people who have the privileged professions like the owners of the shops, hospitals and another real estate, but the american banks have more better structure and the american banks are accessible for all type of the american people who have a low-paid jobs! I was shocked after her information and good news. I have never heard such detailed information before. I so thanked her for the info help, she wished me the safe trip in USA also and wished all the best and fast meeting with you. I have never met such kind woman before. So my love, you see the problem is decided. Without any problem you can take a loan in the bank 1,000$. Not higher. But it's not necessary to take one thousand, it will be for enough 650$ as the rest of airfare. My Robert. Please!! Go to the different banks, and take a loan there. It's one way which will be working for us. I don't want to stay at the streets after the aunt's going to the vacation on JMay,8th! Can you really understand my terrible situation darling? I am stuck in Moscow, if I knew before you are not able to bring to me into your home, I'd never leave my home while the best time for the meeting :( I am feeling some uncomfort before my aunt, and sometimes I saw her dissatisfied face, I guess the reason of the staying at her apartment and the eating of her food. Please Robert!!! Please!!!! Do something! I pray you will not let me down. I am waiting for your next message with a good news! I hope you can help to me today on your american time zone Wednesday's afternoon or evening, please give to me the good news today my love Robert! I love you Robert. I miss you terribly!!! Write back. With some of my tears and pain in my heart, always your love Tatyana

Status of report:  is still without proof

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