Scam report about Alicia Brenda John

First name:  Alicia Brenda
Last name:  John
Age:  29
Location:  Benin Republic, Africa
On websites:  Cheatingwives
Report:  I met Alicia on She sent me a message,left her email address, and said she liked my profile and pictures on the site. So, I emailed her back and we began correspondence through emails. It's the same old scenerio that scammers like to use. You know, hard luck cases looking for a good man, falls in love quickly, and wants you to send her money because she doesn't have enough for the airfare to you. Alicia, wrote me over 22 letters and is in no hurry to ask for the money immediately. She has called me and she writes very long letters. She is very patient with her scam. Alicia asked me for over $1500.00 for a one-way ticket from Africa to the U.S., whoa, way too much, red flag. After I questioned her on it, then she came back with only needing $1200.00. As soon as I explained to her that I did not have that kind of money, the letters stopped. Alicia is sharing the same pictures of the same girl on the same website and doesn't know it. There is another member who uses the same pictures(username:kimmylk12). Alicia's username is Cutebrenda10. Watch this one. She writes and speaks very good english and is very convincing. I would have fell for it, but I saw the other members pictures and know that plane tickets don't cost that much. Watch for both these girls on that site. I reported it to the site, but nothing has been done about it as usual.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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