Scam report about Linda Nicole

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Nicole
Aka:  Linda Mary or Linda Mary Nicole
Age:  30?
Location:  Nigeria.... Ogun
On websites:  Amature Match .. Singles Net..
Report:  says see first saw me on another site. and got interested. at first she told me about her hardships there in Nigera, was very quick in telling me that she loves me. then she started asking for money to support her until she can come back to the usa. says her father died and she and mother were forced back to Nigeria to close final things from her dad's life. also ask me to send money for her dad's belongings that are in a trunk and that after i receive the trunk i would have all the money i want. and to send some to her for her trip here to me. I told her it was a scam. then she ask if i could cash a personal check of hers. to prove that she is not a scammer. i said sure send me the check. I received the check and of course it is fraud... beware she is still trying anything she can to get your money...

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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