Scam report about Linda Pacelli

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Pacelli
Age:  62
Location:  USA - Mulberry Florida
Address:  100 Eight Iron Circle
Email: and
Report:  Good Day , My apologies for an unsolicited email. My name is Mrs. Linda M. Pacelli and I am a citizen of the United States at present I live in Singapore with my family and running a business of my late father with the funds I received through the Nigerian Government. The reason why I am writing you is due to the fact I was called up by UBA Bank. They stated that you has no trust in the transaction you are handling with them. I as a United state citizen this is my story, I was also in same shoe as you, due to the fact that I was ripped 8years ago out of my entire life saving $203,000 and my dad died out of the shock. I was hospitalized for months before I could regain my sense. When I was contacted by the Nigerian Government regarding the Swift Payment (ATM) I called it another plot to extort money from me and which i do not have at that moment because my father's company has gone bankrupt due to that effect. I managed to believe Mr. Kelvin Wiiliams and they treated me well today I gain my $11,000,000.00 It might be difficult. But do not back out. That is my advice. This the tracking number to my card that I received from them (863231333413 ). You can track it yourself . You can reach Mr. Kelvin Wiiliams +234-803-392-0665 , Below is a copy of my identity due to security reasons and the rate of scam. Name: Mrs. Linda M. Pacelli 100 Eight Iron Circle Mulberry, Florida 33860 Thanks, Mrs. Linda Pacelli N:B This is the email address: Name: Mr. Kelvin Wiiliams

Status of report:  is still without proof

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