Scam report about oksana melejik

First name:  oksana
Last name:  melejik
Age:  23
Location:  zaporozhye,ukraine
Phone:  +380939533175
On websites:  anastasia
Report:  i met this lady on russian euro nearly 2 years ago,she seemed normal at the time and thought nothing wrong,then she invited me to her city to spend time together,so 2 months later i went there,she met me at the airport and took me to my apartment,during my stay there she only spent the hours of 10am until 6pm,i thought that very strange! all she wanted was gifts,if i never had enough she would get angry,she did not even spend the last day with me,she made some excuse.when i came home she expressed her love for me and said she wanted to be with me and come to live with me,she said she needed $300 for international passport,so i sent it but did not hear from her again,i was very angry and called and wrote but nothing.then 6 months later she contacted me saying she missed me and wanted to start over again,she said she wanted us to travel to zakopane for christmas together and that she wanted to marry me,she said i had to pay through her travel agency only and i thought she must be joking,i imediatly told her to get lost,i could not beleive she thought i would send $4000 to her,then i complained to a dating site she was on and they deleted her,she then called me going crazy at me but scammers are disgusting and should never be allowed on any sites at all once proven to be a scam artist,i dont know why anastasia still have her there.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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