SCAM REPORT ABOUT  oksana melejik

First name: oksana
Last name: melejik
Age: 23
Location: ukraine,zaporozhye
Address: 40,let pobedy,65-b/33 69000 ukraine
Phone: +380939533175
On websites: anastasia,ukraine loves
Report:     in september 2006 i met her on russian euro,we corosponded for 3 months then she asked me to visit her saying she wants to be with me,so i decided to make the trip to her city,she met me at the airport with a driver and the driver stayed with us through my whole visit and it cost me so much money and now i know why,the apartment she got me was ok but through my whole time there she would meet me at 10am and leave me at 5pm,all she was interested in was money and what i could buy her,then she would leave me all alone from the early evening onwards,when you make a trip like this you want to spend good quality time with the lady your seeing,like going out places in the evening but she would leave me alone,i would call her every evening but her phone was always off,i knew something was wrong but did not want to anger her and be left alone in a strange city.when my money ran out 2 days from the end of my visit she did not come to see me again,even on the last day,she did not even answer her phone,i could not believe it,i was so disapointed,the last time i saw her she even asked me for the remaining ukraine money i had saying i did not need it,she got on the bus and that was it.i was beginning to realise that what we were doing and where we were going began to look like a routine for her,like she has done the same things many times,it even looked like her and the driver had known eachother for a long time. when i came home she contacted me and started writing everyday again,she told me that i was her special man in life now,a few weeks later she told me she wanted to be with me and needed $300 for her international passport,like an idiot i believed her so i sent it via western union,when she recieved the money she did not contact me again,i called her many times with no answer and it was then i realised that i had been scammed. 5 months later she contacted me again saying sorry for her silence and that her mother was very ill,what a lie i thought! she then said she wanted us to renew relations,she wanted us to go to zakopane for christmas and new year,she even said she wanted me to ask her to marry me there,i thought this was very strange,but i was talking with her to see what was coming next,shethen said the only way for us to go there was if i sent her $4000 for to pay in her local travel agant,i could not believe what i was hearing,she said it was the only way.i said it was too expensive and i would not send that way,so i said i would come to her city again or somehere else in ukraine,she said no straight away so i told her that was it and its over,i said to her that if she wanted us to get married and she wanted to be with me then she should remove her profiles from all the dating sites she was on,she refused and it was so obvious why!!! i have complained to some sites she has been on and they have deleted her but she is still unbeleivably on some of them. i suppose in life people learn from there mistakes and i have certainly learned from this one.theres more things i could say but i think this will do.
Status of report: is published in main database with photos