Scam report about Olena Dmitrenko

First name:  Olena
Last name:  Dmitrenko
Age:  23
Location:  Ivano-frankivsk, Ukraine
Phone:  +380953918572
On websites:;
Report:  Classic Scammer. Hello, my dear friend!At first i want to tell that it is a great pleasure to get acquainted with you! It`s like i was waiting for this moment during all my life!And now, when it finally happened my heart is trembling with excitement!I truly hope that for you it will also be something special and serious.It is for the first time for me to meet somebody through the Internet but it seems to be a really good idea for different people from the most unpredictable parts of the world. It would also be great if i meet someone who has the same interests as i do, then we would have something to connect us. thank you for the letter it was very interesting for me to get to know about you!!! And now i think that it would be interesting for you to get to know some facts about me. well, here it goes:my name is Olena, but if you read this letter you might already know it. I am the only child in a family, so i always get all my parents' love and their care. I also want to mention that my family consists of a mother, who is a librarian, a father, who is a driver and me. My childhood was fantastic, cause, like I`ve already told you, I`m the only daughter and always was the apple of their eyes! And I still am, of course. So I was under a huge control, that for somebody could seem strange, but not for me))))))) Although, i can speak about family for hours, now I`m going to introduce myself in more details, cause I want you to understand different sides of my character and my personality. First of all for now I`m a student of our local university on the Foreign Languages Department, so as you can see it`s not a problem for me to communicate with you in English. I want to become a good specialist, cause languages are my passion. The other reason why i learn them is that in the future i want to be a member of such organization as Peace Corp. People always said that I`m an artistic person and it`s really true. During my not very long life i have always been taking parts in varies programs for teens and then for adults. I like to communicate with people so in my university i am trying to do as much social work as can. I`m also fond of literature and art, I`m really good in these topics. In literature my tastes differ, it mostly depends on what kind of book it is, but in art I`m really fond of Renaissance and the painter i like very much is Leonardo da Vinci. So, it was all me and what about you and your interests? It would be a great pleasure for me to know as much as possible!!!! I`ll be waiting for your letter with great excitement!! Your Olena Hi, darling!!!! You can't even imagine the pleasure i felt when I got your letter! I was waiting for it with such a great impatience that every minute was like an hour for me((( I went to the Internet cafe when I had a possibility and I'm shining from the inside, cause at last I'm reading your letter )))Oh, I'm probably the happiest girl in the whole world!!!I bet that this day is gonna be amazing, but now is the most wonderful part of it. You know, having read your letter, I understand now that we really have some common interests, it makes me feel such a happy girl!!!!! I was pleased to know you also fond of active life style and that you have a brother and a sister!!!! your letter was also very informative I was very glad to get to know that you are serious!!!! I think that it doesn't matter that sometimes friend`s interests differ, and it is even rather useful, cause they can tell each other about something new, undiscovered, something one of them hasn't tried before. As for me, I'm fond of different things, but the most important is dancing. Actually it used to be. And now i will let you know why. You know, I've always dreamed about the Big stage, but cause of some accident I had to forget about it. The thing is that i broke my leg and after the rehabilitation the doctors told me that i had to forget about dancing in save of my health!( But such as I'm an optimistic person, after some period of not too deep depression I found myself in painting. I understand that now there are many technologies and you can catch the picture of everything you want, but through painting people show their emotions to the whole world. And every picture I have made is the part of me, the part of my soul, every picture is the little world of my own. And what about you and your hobbies? write me about it in your next letter, please. I don't want you get me wrong,but you probably are the only person in the world who I can share all my thoughts, ideas, dreams with... My parents love me but can't understand, I've got many friends, but when i try to tell them something about me, my feelings they don't wonna hear it, and speak only about themselves. And i have so many things to say!!!!! I have so many dreams, but not everyone wants to listen to it. That's why I hope you will. So, as you can see I'm a little bit lonely. I hope I wasn't too depressive, it happens very rare to me, but it does. I have to go, but I want you to know that I'll be waiting for your next letter with even more impatience than that. Hope you will write to me soon, your Olena)))) Good day, sweetie!!! You know, it's not easy for me to tell you about it, but the time i am waiting for your letter every day becomes longer - minutes are like hours. I wish i could check my mail from you every hour, but unfortunately such as i am writing to you from the Internet cafe it is not so easy to do it...( But anyway, i don't get desperate, cause i know that almost every time when i am coming to the Internet cafe there is a pleasant surprise waiting for me from you - your letter! You know sweetie, It's really interesting to communicate with you through the Internet, but I think it would be amazing if we could speak over the phone. It would give us a chance to become closer and to feel each other better. So if you could and if you want to hear my voice please call me on this number +380953918572 . It's actually not mine but my friend's, my own phone I gave a girl who asked me to make one call, and I turn off for one second she had already gone. Yeah, I know it was really stupid thing giving her my phone, but though she really needed it. You can call on this number from 9.00 a.m till 12.30 p.m every day after that I have some classes and then will be able to speak after 6.00 p.m., by Ukrainian time of course cause I will go to the library with my friend))))) Or let me know the time which is more appropriate for you) Call me please, I will be waiting!!!! You know, dear, I think... no, i`m even sure that now my mood depends on you and your letters. Your message was amazing)))))) You`re such an emotional person!!! It`s so sweet)))) I am really interested in you cause you are kind and open-minded person you have a lot of friends so you like to communicate and you are very interesting for me cause i like your style of witting letters! This weekend i was visiting my parents. They are so unbelievable!!!!! After more then twenty years living together they still love each other the same way gently like the first time when they met each other. Mum likes to retell me their love story every day. It's cute, but i have heard it maybe fifty or sixty times already)))))) They first met when my mother arrived to our town. There was a horrible weather: rain, lightning and a small storm. She was at the railway station and waiting for a taxi, but at that time it was really difficult to get it. My father was driving home and when he saw her....well, he always said that it was love from the first sight. He got her home and the next day came with flowers. Listening to this story and looking at them i understand that i also want to have a family, but not the family my friends have, but my mother and father do. I don't know about marriage institute in your country, but in Ukraine it's a little bit difficult to find a good partner to make a family. Almost all my friends got married only because they were pregnant and not because they wanted to do it(((((( During all my life i have been dreaming about a huge light felling of love, but now it's really hard for me to say that i have ever loved somebody((( Except of my parents, of course. And what about you? Have you ever loved? Please write me about it in your next letter. I also want to say that I'm really impatient girl))))))) That`s why ask you to write a message as soon as you can!!!! Sending all my kisses and best wishes, your Olena

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