Scam report about Marina Fedorova

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Fedorova
Age:  23
Location:  Chernovtsy , Ukraine
On websites:  Anthea Club
Report:  Usual scam scenario. Return-Path: Received: from unknown (HELO localhost) (marina.fedorova@ with plain) From: Marina Fedorova X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0.1.33) Professional Reply-To: Marina Fedorova Hi ! Oh I was soooooooo happy to open my mailbox and to see your letter! Thank you for writing me. I know this is very difficult to start communication if we don't know each other, but we will try to manage with this , am I right? I hope that we will be good friends with you and may be even more. Oh, my God ! I'm soooooo excited!!!!! You know, very often I feel like a small kitten who need care of her man and I would like to feel his love every day. It is sooooo romantic. Well, I would like to tell you some facts about me, because it will help us a lot to know each other better, and I hope that you will tell me about your life too. I'm a student, I live in not very big town with my parents.I will graduate soon. I have a lot of interests, I like dancing, swimming,tennis.I go in for dancing and swimming, I think that a girl should have a good body for her second half, am I right? What do you think about this? Oh, I am also very romantic girl, I like to walk in parks and to see the stars, hm... but, you know... now I look at the stars alone and I hope that everything will be like in a romantic film and I will find my love and my beloved person and we will look at the stars together and kiss tenderly. What do you think about this? May be I'm too naivy? I hope that I'm not too boring to you. Can you tell me about your interests? May be your favourite time spending? Are you romantic person? Oh, I hope that soon we will know each other much better and we will be able to disscuss everything honestly, because i think that honesty in the most important in communication between two people epesially if they have just got aquinted. What do you think about this? Oh!!!!!!!!! by the way, I forgot to tell you that I know English very good and so we won't have any problems in our communication. Isn't this good? two people should understand and feel each other, and then everything will be OK, and they will be able to built their relations. Oh, sorry for such long letter, i hope that it was interesting for you. And you know., i hope that I will get your letter again soon, i woulf like to know you. I wish you a good day. I'll be waiting for your letter. Marina Dear xxx! It was so pleasant to receive one more letter from you I'm so glad to find in my mail the letter from you Here is a photo, I made it special for you:)))) I want to tell you about my hobby. I like cooking - delicious dish is very tasty, yeah? I admire our native cuisine. Ukrainian hospitability is known all over the world - especially the tables served with the tasty dishes that you really lick lips. So... I'll coddle my sweetheart and children in future. It's so nice to know that my family is full as a boot, and plump little children are so funny, aren't they? I love children very much and want to have more than one in the future. They are so innocent-looking... I think that every family without children can't be called

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