First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Fine
Aka: Ekaterina, Olga, Anna, Milla1980...
Age: 28
Location: Saint-Augustine; Auburn (USA)
On websites:; Anthea Club; Datemefree; gofreedate.
Report:     Contacted by this active and astute scammer on different sites but with different profiles, cities and names... It's a scam from the Yoshkar-Ola Mari ElBranch scam group. Hello dear, ---. Thanks a lot that you answered me here it is truly more convenient to communicate here! I was very glad to get your photos, I find you handsome and very pleasant-looking man! Would be great to have photos in future, maybe as you told from Chicago. Also you seem very interesting person to talk to. For sure I would like to know you more properly. At first sight we seem rather alike in our thoughts and likes. And now, my dear I want to tell you my life story, hope to hear yours... Hope you won't get bored with it! It just gives an opportunity to know the person better, right? I was born on 27th of April 1978 in Gorlovka, Donetsk region of Ukraine. After finishing school, I came to the city called Donetsk (big industrial city with more than a million people), so i arrived, entered the university, graduated it. after graduating the university i began to work as a manager in freight transport company. Earlier i was renting apartment with my friend, many of them who were studying with me, also stayed in Donetsk. But now I live with old grumbling landlady (the owner of the flat). My apartment is not far away from my work. sometimes i walk to my work, it takes about 45 minutes, sometimes i go there on the trolley. It all depends on my mood. Not far away from my work there is a supermarket and after work i go there, there is a computer club inside and so it's good opportunity to write you from there. It is situated underground. Sometimes after work, sometimes when i have break at work, i go to the Internet and write you a letter. And buy something to eat on dinner. because we have a dining-room in the office, but i do not like how people prepare food there. I buy there bread, yoghurt, tea. Sprry to hear that you lost your dad, it must have been very difficult and painful. My Mom and dad are engineers by education, but as for the moment they are not working with such a speciality because many factors were closed recently. they still have been working by their speciality, but not now, Mom is 62 and is retired for a year already, so she is a house wife, she is growing vegetables. with my Mom lives my Granny. she is 83 years already and Mom takes care about her. She parted with Dad 3 years ago, because they had a quarrel. We still gather together for hlidays and by the way we celebrate X-mas on 7th of Jan. My dear, earlier we had a very happy family, but parents had many quarrels for the last time and now dad lives at his parents. i hope they will be together again, i do not lose hopes, because earlier we had a very happy family. so now my Mom lives granny and dad with his parents, i am sure they will be together again. I love both of them! I am renting apartment and have lots of neighbors. It's a small apartment. There are many grannies and they like to discuss who came in the block, who went our. so everyone's life is observed by them:) Kisses from Olya... Hello. What do you do ----? How at you weather in a city? How at you on work? I hope it in All of you absolutely. I am very glad to receive your letter! I hope, that you in letters always write the truth. As I write you only the truth. I have not got used, that to me spoke and wrote lie. I wish to have the fair correspondence from you. Actually I search for friendship. Friends should be frank with each other. You agree with me? As I cannot help you if you with me are not frank. It is interesting to me to learn more about your life. Write to me about your life. It will be interesting to me as you spend the days. I with pleasure will write to you about me directly if you, write me questions... From the childhood I was learnt by parents not to speak lie! My formation was very strict because mum since the childhood forced me to study. I live with mum in the settlement. Than I can that I help mum. I have finished high school in settlement Toryal. After school I studied at pedagogical university further. At university I studied within 5 years. After university I wished to go to study further, to more best establishment. But to get the academic education in Russia it it is very expensive. And I lived not richly, I can tell, that we with mum lived even very awfully. And now not so it is good. And what establishment was finished by you? I long could not find work and then I was arranged on the local enterprise with the secretary. My work borrows a lot of time and spends many my forces and energy. I did not have time to find the friend. Now the Internet for me possibility to find the friend. I have started to search recently for the person through the Internet. You the first person who has a friendship with me. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. My most important dream - to find the beloved in a life and to create with it a family. I am very tired from loneliness. The majority of my girlfriends already married. In dialogue with girlfriends I understand, that in a life there is a various. In a life of my girlfriends there are bad and good times. I have understood, that the beloved loving me, the person is necessary for me because to me it is very lonely. I wish to create a strong family on the basis of love, mutual understanding. What your purpose of a life? I give the majority of a life to work. I wish to find in the near future second half, because to me 25 years. I wished to describe a life in detail. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about me. Write to me more about myself directly as we should understand each other better. I hope, that our interests will coincide. Tell to me more about a family, about work. I hope to receive from you the answer my friend xxxx. I think, that I have not offended you in this letter. Yours Ekaterina. Received: from ([]:18144
Status of report: will be added soon