SCAM REPORT ABOUT  muna /Juliana Oshman munaya/mubarik/Mubeey

First name: muna /Juliana Oshman
Last name: munaya/mubarik/Mubeey
Aka: Mubarik /Mubeey
Age: 37 /30 Or who knows
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 247 kanda way
Phone: 011233244437317///011233243601897
On websites: Singlenet,,,Flixter,Yahoo
Report:     This sub human is running scam on american men.Claims sick mother on heart meds.Says she has no kids but does.She is listed on every scam site.She claims to own 5 million dollars in gold,And the man that will marry her gets the gold,Will ask you to open US bank account.Ssh claims to get sick and require blood at 250.00 a pint.Will lure you with gifts such as watches.She is not as smart as she thinks.I am talking with the FBI.And i do believe they are going to take action on pieces of garbage like this one.
Status of report: is still without proof