SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Momica Rebeca Jones

First name: Momica Rebeca
Last name: Jones
Age: 39
Location: Nigeria Lagos Ikaja
Email: r_monica63
On websites: Match .com
Report:     monica contacted me on the 28march 2009 .The first timie she ask for money ,was when she told me her daugher got a electic shock,and had to take her to hospital,she was out of touch for two days,then she came back wit her tale,and I sent a small amount of money to her,then she ask me to asist her with more money,and i did, I even checked out the hospital,yes it was there,Iask her to send me a photo of Pamela,which i still have,I ask monica to ask the hospital to send me a email,and they did that too,telling me that Pamela was at deaths door,So me being me felt sorry for a mum in such a worrying time,paid out more money,now Pamela who is five years old is better,I even had another email from the hospital,to ask if I knew ware she was,because Pamela needed after treatment,so I forwarded this on to her,monica often tells me she love, that I am honest trueand caring,and that I have changed her life,(I bet I have!!)she told me she wanted to be part of my lifeand come over here to live with me,the money she was collecting involed a mark lutter,he took money ?500 she told me he had gone with the money,anyway book another flight paid ?290 to ward that,Half of the money for the fare was aready paid,the flight is booked for the 26-6-09.monica emailed me to say she has only paid for one ticket and needed to pay for Pamela,another $900, I knew I had paid enough for the total fare,which she claimed she had paid the deposit on and also got the ticket for her self, I phone AIR FRANCE and sey the booking has been made,but no deposit has been paid, and no tickets given out, ( feel such a pratt)I have lots of photos of her and three of little Pamela,also got email she sent me
Status of report: is still without proof