SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Irina Galchenko

First name: Irina
Last name: Galchenko
Age: 28
Location: Russia, Orenburg
Report:     This girl contacted me around early April of 2099. She fell in love with me fairly quickly. She does answer questions pretty well. I have been talking with her for about three months but she has not asked me for money yet but I have a feeling it is coming shortly. She tried to call me on my cell phone last week but I was unable to speak with her but she left a message. She claims she has no phone is will try to call me at a phone booth. I though it was interesting because she sent me a photo with her talking on a cell phone. We have been talking alot about history which I am surprised that she actually knows some about. I was suspicious about her from the beginning so I am not in love with her. Right now I have her believing that I will visit her, I will see how far she will go. It should be an interesting test. Ha ha
Status of report: is still without proof