First name: Irina
Age: 29
Location: Aksamatovo
On websites:
Report:     I do not know how to explain it, but I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that you have answered me. When I was on work and at home I all time thought, you will write to me or not. And you have written. I am happy, to receive your letter. xxxxxx I to look yours profile, and it has liked me, and I have solved with you will get acquainted. And me have told, that we approach one another. But I think, that we should learn it. xxxxxx I shall tell more about myself. To me 29 years and name me Irina. I live in small village Aksamatovo. I was not married, and to not have children. I live with mum. The father has died on war. I do not wish to recollect about it. I work the masseur in local hospital. I have finished college and I am able to make all kinds massage. And everyone speak, that at me well it turns out. I do not know what to tell to you about myself. What you interests? I love cinema, dances. To not smoke, to not drink alcohol. All that to me needs for life to be had I, but I do not have beloved and consequently I have decided to get acquainted with you. xxxxxx I to send you a photo, on which I In this picture only I!!! xxxxxxx you can tell to me, what you search in women? Tell to me. I very much would wish to learn it. What character, what appearance? What should she be able to make? xxxxxx I shall be, is glad to receive your letter tomorrow, and I hope, that you will write to me. I shall answer sincerely all your questions, and I hope, that you as will answer mine. I already wait for your letter.... Irina I hope that your day is fine also you now feel well. I am very glad to receive your letter. I shall come in USA only when I shall be sure in that that I shall be happy with you. In that that you will be happy with me and we will have big and happy future. Otherwise I have nothing to make in USA. At me so it is a lot of questions to you, but I am afraid, that you likely will be frightened, if I shall ask all. Yes? Or not? Tell to me xxxxxx. You are very interesting to me also I wish to learn you better. I wish to know about you everything before we shall meet. When I learn about you all and I shall be assured of you I would shall make all that we have met. I do not hide, that gets acquainted for serious relations, and I do not wish to play in any games. Therefore I ask you to answer sincerely my questions, and I hope, that you will answer, as well as I am sincere. xxxxxx I shall tell more about myself. I do not know, whether you can define a figure on a photo. My growth 5 ' 7? Weight nearby 60 kg. A breast, a waist, a hip accordingly 89-63-90. I would like to know very much about you, about in what you like to be engaged of what you dream? That does not suffice you in your life? I love, cleanliness and the order, I love cooking, and it is pleasant to me, when people are happy. I send you a photo, on which I In this picture I in park. I hope that I shall receive many your photos also. xxxxxx you are fast to me them will send? I shall wait for them with impatience. I wait.... Very much..... Irina How you xxxxxxx? What with you? I hope that all well. I wait for your letters and I hope that I shall receive your letter and it will warm me. I am cold and I am tired. I hope that I shall receive soon your photo and the letter and they will warm me. I miss and I wait..... My heart worries, but I believe that all will be normal. Irina I today worked also my hands very much weariness much. I weigh day made massage. And how you? Jordan as your mood? I hope that well. I earn 180 dollars a month. We in village have not enough people. I do not know there are girls beautiful as I here or not. We have factories. I wish to learn more about you and today I wish to learn about your family, about your relatives. At you it is a lot of relatives? I live with mum in one apartment. At us only different rooms. At me to have the grandmother and the grandfather. They live in 50 kilometers from us in small village. xxxxxxx my grandmother a name (Galina), grandfathers a name(Victor). I earlier often was at the grandmother. I much to that have learned at it. To prepare for various dishes, to watch itself. My grandmother was my tutor, and it brought up me. Mum worked also I much tried to study, that all would be good in our family. xxxxxx I do not know why, but I cannot meet good the man in the country. I do not know why, but all the man, which normal are already married. I do not wish to marry the man which I do not love. Which is not pleasant to me. xxxxxx I do not love quarrel, conflicts, loud music. I wish to be with the man which will be me, to understand, which I shall understand. With which to us it will be good also we shall enjoy our happiness. It is not necessary for me, kisses, embraces, tenderness and passion of the beloved, here much that is necessary for me for happiness. And you xxxxxx???? I send you a photo, on which I In this picture I and my mum. Sincerely, Expecting your following letter Irina I so am glad to receive your letter today. I when have woken up in the street there was a morning and I have woken up with a smile because again saw you in the dream. I so am glad, that you sincerely answer me, and I wish to talk seriously. I wish to ask you, whether you have secrets? What that you hide from me? xxxxxx I always sincere with you and to tell to you everything, that you ask, and I hide nothing from you. I understand, that you are far, and I know, that if we shall be that to hide or deceive one another that it not so. We with you do not play game and we wish to find the love. I hope, that you as understand me. xxxxxxx I want, that at us with you all would be good. I want, that we with you would be happy. You good the man also like me. But we are familiar more weeks only and consequently I think, that we need to communicate also then to think of a meeting. If you for whom I am born that I all I would shall make what to be with you. xxxxxxx it not seems to you that we with you as two sportsmen, we run towards to one another, we overcome barrier. The we become closer, the we learn one about other more. And how you think, what will be, when we shall meet? I shall wait for your answer. Yes, I send you a photo. I hope, what it is pleasant to you, or not? I wait for your answers xxxxxx. I miss, I wish to feel your kiss and I think that it very sweet. Yours and only your loving and gentle Irina
Status of report: is still without proof