Scam report about Linda Emmanuel

First name:  Linda
Last name:  Emmanuel
Age:  30
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Phone:  +233249574372
On websites:  I new her on
Report:  I knew Linda on I`m a lonely IT Professional that was looking for true love, but instead I got scammed. For some reason she could smell my needs and contacted me to my mail. After a few weeks sending and receiving mails to her she decided to come to my country and get married me because according her words she finally knew the tru love..a dirty lie!!. I agreed because I`m a very lonely guy that has been always looking for his soulmate, so I decided to believe her, she told me that she wanted U$340 for her visa legal papers, she contacted me with Mr Anthony Charles, a supposed manager from a travel agency, I called him to check if all this was real, at that point I was so fall in love and desperated to knew her that I agreed to send him the money but I just sent U$300 (big mistake), 3 days later he contacted me to tell me that the visa was ready, then she called me back to explain me about the tickets, she said that stopped working because of me and sold her things to come to me, but the tickets were so expensive that she only got the half (total amount U$3.060), so I supposed to send her the rest, that was the point when everything turned black because I didn`t trust her and never sent the money, she got mad and told me that I was only thinking about money, she cried by the phone, she said, I don`t care, I love you with money or wihtout it, so the relationship continued for a few days more until she told me that needed to see me face to face and started to push me up once again with the ticket money speech, I told her that I didn`t have the money that if her love was real she should understand my position, she told me that no matter what she loved me anyway, then when we were speaking by Skype her last words were.. I need to find a jod, I`ll talk you later, that was this morning, since then I can`t reach her to her phone or by mail, I`m so desperated that I don`t know what to believe, my heart is completely broken and I can`t trust in anyone, plase help me friends of Stop Scammers, I don`t want my money back, I just want to stop this doubt and get my life back and find some one honest and real, please help me I agree to send all the required info (I have all saved), I just want to confirm if I got scammed or not Thanks in advance, your help is highly appreciated.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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