Scam report about Marina Klyueva

First name:  Marina
Last name:  Klyueva
Aka:  Aka , Michelle
Age:  29
Address:  38 Lenina st. Zvenigovo. Mari El 425060
Report:  Scam for Travel : Hello my dear Fred. I am very glad that that you wrote to me your letter. Fred I had excitements concerning that that you did not write to me your letter. How you were all this time??? Also that is very a pity to me that you had problems with a computer. I think that that at you all will be good also your computer will be made. Fred also I want to tell to you that that yesterday I went to agency and had conversation with the agent. My agent told that that I should make payment this weeks. I think that that you understand me in that that your help with 1378 $ is necessary for me. I understand that that it is very big sum, but you should understand that that to me any more to whom addresses. I many times tried to take money at familiar but unfortunately they could help nothing to me. It is very inconvenient for me before you, I think that that you understand mine without target position and can help me. Fred unfortunately I am compelled to finish my letter. As it is necessary for me to go. But tomorrow I shall try to call to you. I think that that we with you can have conversation again. I shall wait for your letter. Sincerely yours Michelle.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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