First name: Nina
Last name: Jones
Aka: Ieia Ieioieeiaa, Ieia A?ioin Nina Plotnikova, Marina, Masha, Vlada
Age: 23
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Phone: 8(050)911-11-06
On websites:; ;;
Report:     This girl is a scammer trying to get money from foreign men. She is very smart, speaks English fluently, prefers to use cell phones and speak with you rather then send e-mails. She tries to get money for Visa and tickets to meet you, or entice you to visit her. She says she is divorced and will tell you she loves you by the 4th contact. After some checking, she is listed on several sites under different names. It seems she is a well known prostitute in Kiev. There is interesting information on this website . Nina says she is from Nikolaev where she owns a flat. she has asked for money several times for different things, rent, food, visa, tickets, don't trust her, she is a thief and a liar.
Status of report: is still without proof