SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Karimu Alhassan

First name: Karimu
Last name: Alhassan
Age: 32
Location: Ghanda, Accra
Address: 505 Some Str. I check it, its not a real address
Phone: 001233542531187
Email: faith.care_love1
Report:     I been in contact with this woman for about 4 month. She always ask for money.I send her 150.00 yesterday. The first thing she ask me for my mothers maiden name. I GAVE HER A WRONG ONE. She claimed that the Wester Union ask her that. I know I had never had ask them to use my mothers maiden name. I confronted her this morning with the scam.I gave this site and told her to see if she could find her pictures wbrreed1948: I need the rest of your address faith.care_love1: 505 somo street .. Accra New Town Code.........00233 Number....+233-542531187 She wants me to send her a cam and 10 pair panties and 10 bras.No way I am going to send her anything. She told me the tracking number from FEDX She going to get get old waiting for that.I am going to find out if that is a real address. NO IT'S NOT She told me that if she find pictures on this site she will go to the police and tell the that her Ex Husband was doing this, to come between us. HA HA.
Status of report: is still without proof