Scam report about Maria Salvacion Brual

First name:  Maria Salvacion
Last name:  Brual
Aka:  Mavic
Age:  34
Location:  Philippines, Calamba
Address:  66 Bandola Subdivision, Barangay 5, 4027 Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
Phone:  0063-9198494815 (mobile) 0063-498347864 (landline)
Email: or member ID @ FFF Salvacion_1974
On websites:  Filipino Friend Finder
Report:  At first she scams You what You have? You have savings, she stays amazingly sweet and nice. She plays it very well, but eventually You will sent money because she made You believe You are her true love. She tells she is ill, she do not need money and has a plio leg (true) and nobody likes her in her country and heard about the nice men from Europe. So, she will tell she is not a scammer and hate those peoples, mmm, and tells also about her upcomming birthday and that it would be a nice idea to have a package full of surprises. Of course I'm the faithful guy who likes to believe her. But after sending some money for let's say one year internet connection or a headset, eventually the package arrives, she looses interest in You and will end the relationship. Me as an computer extpert she even told me she did not know nothing about computers and so on, I still found it amazing that after sending the package, suddenly she was also hidden in every way, hidden in Yahoo, hidden in LogMeIn. suddenly there was no Mavic but suddenly there was an active Salvacion_1974 on FFF I still do not know if she played stupid but my heart says she knew eaxactly what she was looking for. Money and any materialistic matter. Of course all the money I send is purpossed for other things she asked it in the first place or what we agreed for together. And of course lots of empty promisses. So you will not know if she is lying or not. But now after ending her second, but maybe even her third or forth ralationship she is already active again on FFF (Filipino Friend Finder) I guess her family is part of it because, I do not take no for an answer that easy, I probably will sue her by law and put her in jail if possible. I'm that determend. I was or at least she made me believe I became part of her family, now after 2 weeks ending after 5 months relationship, with 5hours a day contact, suddenly nobody knows who I am, if I call by phone, internet or elsewere. I know I did not loose that much money, 1000 euro, but I believe any money loosing on untruth's is too much. My 1000 euro is for me one month salary too much. And for the philippines it is almost one year salary. A scammer stays a scammer no matter how high the stakes will be. It's the mental abuse they give their beloved ones and use it for their own selfish bennifit.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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