Scam report about Natasha 

First name:  Natasha
Age:  29
Report:  Both and lakomka@globallovebox sent me (Hello, my new friend Ed! Nice to meet you! We are both looking for the serious relations andlet this letter be only the first step on our way to the common dream.If you want to find a person whom you could create a family with, astrong relationship, based on understanding, respect, honesty,passion, and of course, tender love, I would like to get to know youmuch better. For me the ideal relations are when the partners shareeverything, receiving and giving support at the same time. My idealpartner is the one whom we could not only laugh, but also crytogether, whom we would be together both in happy and hard moments oflife. You may ask me why I came to the site in the search of mylife-partner. It happened so that I have not managed to find the manwhom we could be the continuation of each other. I was already losingmy hope of finding the real happiness, but then I decided to try thissearch and the sun of my hope raised, starting the new page of mylife! I have so much love, so much tenderness inside, that my realhappiness will be to find the man who would share that, who wouldappreciate that, care about me, support me at hard times. When you are young, life seem endless. But as the time is passing by,you can feel that you are missing something important, that you do nothave enough time to do everything you dream about. People are createdin such a way that they cannot be alone. I am sure that you know thisfeeling of emptiness when you wake up alone in a cold bed. I suffer ofthis loneliness and I hope that you are the very person who will bringthe special light into my life. I would like to know much more aboutyou, about your life, your family, your hobbies and your dreams. Iwill be waiting for your next letter very impatiently. Write to me, please, to My kisses for you. Yours, Natasha.) the same womans picture.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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