Scam report about Svetlana Tokareva

First name:  Svetlana
Last name:  Tokareva
Age:  24, 25 (?)
Location:  Russia, Orshanka
On websites:  Meetic
Report:  Hi, This woman contact me first with interess to know me. After 8,10 lovely emails (I can send them all), with photos (I can send them all), our friendship grow up and we became friends... well friends towards love... I thought. In one of her long emails I was suprised because she asked to send 300€ (by Western Union) to come to my land. It would be necessary to pay the visa. I'm carefull and of course I didn't send it. After this email I began researching about her. In STOP-Scanners I found her and I found complaints about her, specifically from a spanish guy. There are much more to say, but I think this is enough and will reinforce the dark profil about this lady. Many thanks for all. Regards, JP

Status of report:  is still without proof

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