Scam report about Cherlyn Plaza

First name:  Cherlyn
Last name:  Plaza
Aka:  Plaza Mae, Lyn Plaza, Lyn Lyn Plaza
Age:  29
Location:  Ware, Masachusetts, Manila- Philippines
Report:  This person scammed me to get her to the United states, married me 5 days after she got here and then 18 days later she called the police wqhile I was at work and claimed false abuse charges against me, and playing a loophole in our Immigration laws that state if a person comes to this country and can prove abuse then they can receive IMMEDIATE citizenship. She was caught lying to the police and changing her story so the police turned her case over to the USCIS to investigate her for possible Immigration fraud. She is now living in Massachusetts with her cousin who coached her to do this, and still hoping a lawyer can help her stay here. But she will be going back to the Philippines soon.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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