Scam report about benita williams

First name:  benita
Last name:  williams
Aka:  bonita,, benny, bonny
Age:  32
Location:  evansville, indiana, liverpool uk
Address:  84 woodcroft rd. wavetree , liverpool uk
Phone:  011447024075699
On websites:  senior
Report:  i have been in correspondence with her since early may and almost fell for her scam. when she asked me to send her money to help pay for grannys operation i hesitated and asked for some proof from the hospital. she sent me a forged letter from abbey sefton hospital but i could never reach them by phone. she than said she needed $1200 and she will come here. she sent me all kind of wonderful pictures and seemed so genuine. the grammar and diction did not add up though with someone who claimed to be a teacher. i bought an investigation program and i could find no record of her birth or her teaching credentials in indiana. i have copies of her birth certificate and passport that she sent me. she uses god alot of the time and tries that angle to get you to believe in her. when i confronted her with this she denied it and said the spelling was wrong on her name but i have the same pictures and more that i have found here on this web site.....this woman needs to be stopped and i only hope more people would take the time to find out who you are talking to and most important do not ever send money to any of them.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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