Scam report about Galina Moiseva

First name:  Galina
Last name:  Moiseva
Age:  28
Location:  Russia
On websites:  match com
Report:  This girl was in contact with me for about 2-3 months.She came across very loving and want us to be together.It took about 2 1/2 months before she came across and asked me for $600.00 ( which i never paid.She was very attractive and sent me alot of photo's.When i made some excuses as to why i couldn't send money she stopped communicating with me.I did a search on her and found nothing.I haven't seen her on the scamming sites under this name as yet.This one of the last emails she sent me. I am glad to see your letter. Graham, me it is very bad. I cannot live without you my gentle prince. I very strongly wish to be with you. I do not know that to us to do. To me so it is sick, I would like to shout from a pain. I do not know that to us to do. Graham, I cannot find such greater money, I already asked all my friends close. But not who cannot help me. Graham, me so badly my heart is broken off from a pain. It is a pain, it breaks off me on a part. I do not know that to us to do. I very much would like only with you. I would give all for the sake of you, but I not that cannot make. To me so painfully to realize it. I feel helpless. So it is bad to me to live without you. Graham, I every day think of us. I represent us together! It so is fine. I dreamed of it everything, a life, that will sometime love me. My love Graham that such scamming? What did you wish to tell it? I any more do not like you? You have stopped loving me? I do not understand it. What is it? Explain to me. Graham if you cannot help me I go tomorrow in Travel agency and I shall try to cancel flight. Graham, I all life searched for you. I have found you, but now between us there was a barrier, I do not know as us to overcome it! Graham, I all would give what to be with you! But I not in forces not that to make. I very strongly love you Graham!!! My life if in it there will be no you is not necessary to Me! I waited for you all life, I would be born for that what to be with you! Only when I shall be with you I shall be happy. Graham, you the finest the man in the world. Is better you are not present not whom all over the world. Graham, you the kindest, the most tender. When I look your photos, on my body passes a shiver. I look in your bottomless eyes in them the love, tenderness and caress is concealled so much. I very much would want that you gave me it every day, the sight at me! In your eyes the beam which my heart shines warms. It helps me to struggle with an intolerant pain. Graham, I look at your photos and I hope that that sometime we shall be together. Graham, for me the main thing to be with you, for me that is not important that we shall live poorly or richly. For me the main thing to be with you!!! I cannot live without you. Such life if I shall know that my second half very far from me is not necessary to me. I do not know that to us to do! Graham!!! On my eyes bitter tears flow down, these are tears from that that we not together. These are tears of bitterness. I not when did not test such mental anguish. My body and soul is torn to you! To me very painfully to realize that that we not together. Graham, I cannot restrain from tears. I cannot struggle one with this pain. As strongly I would want that you were with me beside! I on all am ready to go for the sake of you. Graham, my love is not a pity to give me the life for you!!! I always, eternally shall love only you all my heart!!! I yours forever!!!! I love you Graham!!!! As though I would want that there was a miracle and suddenly with me you have come to be! I would give all for that that you now would be with me beside looked in my eyes and erased gentle touches of tear from my person. I very much would wish to trust that sometime there will be a miracle and we shall be together!!! Yours and only your girl Galina

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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