Scam report about Yolanda Knoedler

First name:  Yolanda
Last name:  Knoedler
Location:  Brussels Belgium
Report:  Hello Sweetie How are you doing? Am so happy to tell you now that i just finished my art work. And must tell you that am really looking forward to meet you shortly. If you could come and pick me up at the aiport, it woould be more easier as the first form of contact between us. But if you think we should fix a day for more proper date, its alright by me. Then we can go and spend it where ever you think its more condusive. I have developed this feelings with you and i know its love. And am willing to take my chances with you cos deep inside of me, i know my search is over. I was hoping to get everything done with my business over here and then get on the plane and head back home. But things are not going according to plan over here. I feel real sad about that. I know you are sad about this, but i believe i can work something out. I don't know how you would feel about me asking you for this, Its just that, I don't have any other person I can ask for this help. I asked my Mom and friends, but they all said money is tight, I still was able to get some few funds from my mom, but not enough to deal with the problem i have now. I also went to the US Embassy, but they said, I should wait 3 months, that is too much for me, I don't have much money left with me anymore, and i miss home. The problem i have now, Is that, I have finished the Artwork and I sent the Artwork to the company in USA. I know you are wondering why i came to Leeds, England on business when the company I work for is in USA. The reason is cos, the materials of the Artwork are very cheap here in England. After i sent the artwork to the states as a gift . This quest house management will not let me leave due to my outstanding bills in this quest house. I have been in this quest house for 2 weeks now, I only paid for the first week, I was planning on paying everything once i finish my Artwork, because I would be getting my pay check from this contract. But now everything has gone bad. I would like you to help me with some money, about 650GBP. So i can pay the hotel bills and then fly back home happily to meet you. I promise you with all my heart, that, the moment i arrive at the airport, I will go straight to my bank and then pay you back the amount. If possible, i can also pay back in interest, because my paycheck is a lot of money. I know it is so bad to ask you for such a favor because we don't know much about each other but I felt I can trust you and I want you to trust me as well, I have all my hopes on you. If you help me out I am surely going to pay you back the money as soon as I get back, I promise you. Please lets do this as soon as possible cos i don't want my guest house bills to accumulate. Let me know if you can afford this so I will give you the information to send the money via western union or money gram. I want you to know that, I am not corresponding with you because of money, Money is not important to me. Love is more important, I started corresponding with you, cos i had feelings and i like you. I really want to spend time with you and get to know you very well, Who knows we might end up loving each other more. You are wonderful, caring and a loving man, that is what I want. Can you be the man I can spend the rest of my life with? Love you so much Yolanda

Status of report:  is still without proof

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