Scam report about jenilsa lopez or smith

First name:  jenilsa
Last name:  lopez or smith
Age:  30
Location:  spain ,nigeria america
Phone:  +2348078290552
Report:  NAME: jenilsa lopez or jenilsa smith. EMAIL: ADDERSS: spain or nigeria osun state PHONE: did is the phone nr she is used:+2348078290552 Other Comments: she is on every dating side you can find she wil tel you that hur dad is dead and her mum is in a roll chair but for her late father she must go to nigeria for the good from her father. than she wil tel you that she love you and want to be white you al her life and that she want to come to you than she ask for money for the flight and her visum. if you gif that to her than she wil gif you a flight nr (BUT ITS NOT REAL). after that you hear nothing from hur til you get mail from a doctor that she as a car accident.(but that is not real to)i have called the hospital and dere are not working doctor white the name: SHARON MCCAN in the hospital: THE TRANSVERSE HOSPITAL... it is a major scammer. the pic are normal but you will get also half naked pi. so guys and girls wach out for hur.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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