Scam report about faith williams

First name:  faith
Last name:  williams
Age:  29
Location:  abeokuta nigeria
On websites:  amateurmatch,yahoo msgr,
Report:  stoled 4000€ from me caliming she is trapped in hotel and having some inharitage money to claim there of 1,1 million $..she sent me a fake check from spain on 50 000€ over g money bank in ireland..ive posted this check to bank and was fake....its reported there in the bank too..her real name its faith williams cause money were sent to her on this name too....last time she came online in may 2009 telling me she is in london in hotel and wanted to go back to usa in miamy...she use to mess with soem barrister marcus from uk to convince for the inharitage clearing....uses pics of model patty from hawaii model agency....told me she has a canadian pass which i checked in canadian embassy in skopje and has come back report from canada direct to consul that this person born on this date does not exist in canada....she told she lived in toronto and after in glendora usa...she still uses this email address...and yahoo msgr...also i discover that she has new addresss not as; this i discover with windows search msgr not keeping her letters but i kept the receives from western union where she is reported as scamer..but wu its not investigating nothign at all to take appropriate measures to stop this i was complaining to them many times...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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