Scam report about Natalya 

First name:  Natalya
Age:  28
Location:  Cheboksary, Russia
On websites:
Report:  Hello, This girl Natalya was mailing me from about halfway Juli 2009. By this next and last e-mail of her, I knew for sure that she was a scammer. ------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 18:34:02 +0400 > From: > To: > Subject: Hello my lovely angel Harry! > > Hello my lovely angel Harry! I see your letter again and me > Very pleasantly, at me eyes shine and in on mine face a smile, when I > see your letter. I am very glad that in this world I am important to someone, > that I am a beloved and of me think and pay to me attention. Certainly this man > are you, my dear man Harry! My lovely angel I think of you and I test to to you only fine feelings. > I can tell to you it now dared, because > I understand you well, your feelings also to me are close. But I > I understand also that you should meet at first me and learn me > Better and then only to think of the future. I all > night and day think only of you. I fly in clouds. And it - results of our correspondence > to you, revealing of feelings of love to you, our relation. Really it is very a pity to me much, > that we cannot now to take each other for hands, to me it is bad that I cannot > to embrace to you at night, now I embrace only my pillow and I think of you, > Would like that you have appeared near to me, my love! Yes you already became > for me love because I am very strongly afraid to lose you, I wish to be only with you. > You my unique man, to which I now feel the big affinity. I very much wish to meet and to be near to you. > My love, today I was in travel agency and looked flight to airport Schiphol in which you will meet me. > But to me have told that I should pay the big money for travel to you. I should buy return tickets, > make all papers - the visa, the passport. So, all sum of a trip will > cost 973 euros. I am really do not know as me to be and where to find such big money. > My darling you can help me? If I will pay money for my travel that in 2 weeks all documents and > tickets we will be ready also we will be together. > It is not convenient to me to ask your help, but me any more at whom to ask the help, > my parents live very much poorly in village, I receive very small salary, only 250 > Dollars. My love, I hope that you will not throw me and can help > to me in this difficult situation. Please understand me correctly, if > I had this money, I by own strength would arrive to you. I am very strong > hope for yours to help. My darling, I think that these days when we will be together, will be most > happy day of our life. You know, that now very fine time for a meeting of two enamoured. > We can have very pleasant time together. I hope, that our meeting happens soon. > We need only to solve this one problem, that to be together. > My darling, I promise to you, that I will love you and to care of you, > I will prepare for you Russian dishes, I will erase your clothes, I want that > we have got married in the future and lived as one happy pair. You will be never disappointed in me. > My darling now my heart belongs only to you. You have won my heart the letters. > I love you!!! My dear if we have dared to meet already, we should go to it. My love you understand > that mine feelings to you sincere and I write this letter to you with the sincere > feelings. I am very happy that I have found you in this big world. > I think it destiny and we should not avoid it. We should be together!!! > I want that warmly my kisses, passion of my feelings have reached you with > my letter. I with excitement wait your letter because depends much > from your answer. I love you!!! Your true love Natalya.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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