First name: Anna
Age: 26
Location: Russia
Report:     From: Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 6:54:32 PM To: guliani_hama ( 1 attachment AnnaB.jpg (33.1 KB) Hello! My name is Anna.What is your name? I search man for close relations, you will ask me, why I am in theInternet and how I found your adress. I think Internet helps people tofind new friends and their love in our busy daily life.I did not think before that it is possibly to find man in the Internetand to connect life with whom the one whom you did not see before, butsome my girlfriends found nice men and friends through Internet, so Idecided to meet in the Internet too.I am alone and I decided to use this unusually way. I came to theinternet cafe, I use Internet in the first time, and I don't understandmuch in the Internet and in acquaintances through web, the manager,which work here helped me to find your adress, he worked in the firm ofacquaintances through the Internet.In this firm there were some adresses, of the men, which searchedacquaintances, so he gave me your adress and I decided to write you. Please reply ONLY to my personal e-mail: If you will have interest in me, I will glad to tell you more aboutmyself and write you more in my next letter.
Status of report: is still without proof