SCAM REPORT ABOUT  tiffany dominique

First name: tiffany
Last name: dominique
Age: 31
Location: lagos,nigeria
Address: 146 Kajibe road
On websites: Mysace among others.
Report:     I have been after this scammer for some time. I have tracked her to the adress to where she want's me to send money to her westen union. ither that or any bank card , checking or credit. I even contacted about her. they are a FBI division involved in internet crimes. you are probally familar with them. I still get her to talk on occation, when i can covience her i will give her money. she think's i know who and what she is an want's to pay her to teach me what she knows. lol. That's bullshit offcourse. parden my language.
Status of report: is still without proof