First name: Julia
Last name: Basenko
Age: 20
Location: Mariupol
On websites: Anastasia International, Hot Russian Brides, Dream Marriage, etc., etc..
Report:     The Internet Police confirmed that all the websites Julia Basenko appears on are owned by the Russian Mafia. Her profile has been removed from all legitimate websites like Her profile and photos are being sent to me by more and more websites. All of these websites are based in Russia, but they have an office in the United States. I sent her my phone number a couple of months ago. Then I received a voice mail from a man with a blocked phone number. The man spoke English in the same dialect as she writes her letters. The Internet Police said that her letters were probably written by a man. The Anastasia website has recently changed the spelling of her first name to Juliya. I suspect that this is to make it more difficult to find her address.
Status of report: is still without proof