Scam report about Seyi Doherty

First name:  Seyi
Last name:  Doherty
Aka:  Seyi Rotimi Jane Doherty
Age:  31
Location:  Ibadan, Nigeria 23402
Address:  246 Onibon Oje Street [near Felele Road]
Phone:  011 234 803 483 4333
On websites:  Yahoo
Report:  Hi, There is a girl I've been e-mailing and telephoning and giving money to. Her Name is: Seyi Rotimi Jane Doherty 246 Onibon Oje Street Felele, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 23402 011 234 803 483 4333 She led me to believe her mother [Beatrice Doherty] was sick with cancer. She supposedly has a sister [Helen Doherty] in the UK and a brother [John Ola Doherty] at the University of Lagos. She has ripped me off. I am older and I really did just get over cancer. I am serious. This woman [31 years old] has really bad Kharma. She claimed to be a Christian and claimed she wanted to come to the States. She knows a travel agent by the name of Dele Ojo [Flightways Travel] who is supposedly in Ibadan and the UK. Seyi is supposedly from Newcastle, England and is mixed race. I have pictures of her. The girl in the pictures is beautiful. I have been sick for a long time and now I am feeling better. This woman is despicable. I am heartbroken. Could you find these scammers?;;; She told me her father is dead and she supposedly has a grandfather [Dada Ifeolu] who lives in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Her mother is white. Of course, I am ashamed because I've been made a fool of. I do not think now that she is white. I have no problem with any skin color. She just lied and lied and lied. The pictures are probably Russian or Romanian or Norwegian. I know there are blonde women living in Africa but I think this woman is too pretty to be single, blonde, white, educated [University of Ibadan] and living in squalor. I have been teaching college geography. I am a Vietnam-era Veteran and I have a master's degree from Indiana State University. My former wife died from throat cancer and I am alone. I know that I should be ashamed. I am devastated. She could be the property of a drug lord in Nigeria or just part of a cyber-cafe scamming house. I gave her money take advanced courses at a computer school in Ibadan. It is similar to ITT. Please help me if you are able. Thank you. Curtis Hamlin Long (352) 222-3838 [c] p.s. I have pictures if you want them. There is another Seyi Doherty who lives in Ibadan, Nigeria. She is black. You can Google her and find her picture or I can send it to you. I may have all kinds of fake documents she has sent me [fake hospital’s and computer schools, British passports, etc.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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