Scam report about Stella Gyasi or Vida Gyasi

First name:  Stella
Last name:  Gyasi or Vida Gyasi
Aka:  SWEET,
Age:  going to be 32
Location:  Africa, Ghana
Address:  10th Tesano Road
On websites:
Report:  GUYS!!!! what a fun ride this has been but BEWARE. My background - I worked for the government as anti terrorism trainer and I wasnt born yesterday and the warning flags are there! this one is not new to the site but using new emails and pictures. I met her on she gave me a wink. the next day i was on and she invited me to start chatting. next thing i know we are on windows live messenger. (her logon name is SWEET) Things started off ok, she seemed into my profile but then suddenly i noticed she hadnt read a bit of it. RED FLAG. so i played around with her to see where it would go. within an hour she was having a birthday in 4 days and was sad that she couldnt get funds together. 8/20/09. HINT HINT. Then it went into my dad is dead from car accident to i take car of my mum and work in a beauty hair cut type place weaving hair. The next day it turned into another session of, I am falling for you. I want to be your wife someday. your such a loving father. your so handsome. however, i asked if she can remember certain things from the day prior and she couldnt. 2nd RED FLAG. last night it turned into baby buy me a calling card, i want to hear your voice. hahahaha! Tried to turn her over to SKYPE. wouldnt do it - says she is not good with it. She complains all the time that her computer internet doesnt work and her camera doesnt have a microphone - ha!She sounded desperate for me to western union money. I didnt budge told her i was tired and off to bed. Last night i set up an anonymous IM messenger and put SWEET on it. She was on live but on my other computer it showed she was offline. As soon as i logged on she flipped right into me. Today she asked if i could get her a camera with a memory stick. hmmm. last night she couldnt even figure out her camera and today its a memory stick for a camera? then she wanted me to wire the money. so today i had all i could take since she wouldnt send me the photo she used for told her a f'd up story that i worked for a company that looks for young women to fund guys that are good looking to come visit them in the USA. (money for calling cards, products and citizenship over seas) At the same time I sent her a semi nude picture of her that was on the net from some other unhappy guy. Within seconds f bombs and became little sweet girl to satin. Guys this little wretch is bad news. her key words are BABY, MY MAN, COWARD (she uses this one alot to get money), SWEETHEART, and my favorite - YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND! I dont have a picture of her and im bummed but she is the woman i am going to post. Again, my job for the government is casing people. the features are there. Considering a days wadge in this country is about $1.50 US what they are getting away with over there is nutty. Beware guys, if its to good to be true, it probably is.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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