First name: Leslie
Last name: Ofori
Aka: Sandra Aayeh, Shashe, Diamond
Age: she says 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 3rd christian ave,Kokomlemle, Accra
Phone: 00233272897705/00233244035501
On websites: Cherry blossoms
Report:     This lady made contact with me abot 6 months ago where I told her she was too young for me and dismissed her.She contacted me again recently to say that she is in love with me and wants to get married.Wanted money for phone card which I sent. Then she wanted money for camera which I sent BUT!!I tracked money through western union to see what would happen. Leslie contacted me on yahoo messenger and acused me of not sending it. I had made a stipulation when I sent money that the reciever would have to answer a question, she was the only one that knew the answer. She has told me just today that she wants to meet me and gave me the address to a travel I checked out travel agent and HELLO!! I get a read out of scam for a Nancy Ofori. Well I ended up on this site thank god. I have checked your list and located a Nancy Ofori with same address and phone numbers (funny that)well Nancy?leslie?Shashe Ofori wants me to chat tomorrow on yahoo messenger to see how I got on with travel agent. This will be a very interesting chat indeed.I have chatted with her using web cam and it is definately the same person as in your photo of Nancy Ofori. I want to place some photos of her but dont know how to do that???
Status of report: is still without proof